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Mary Lou Bigelow
Mary Lou Bigelow Productions

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  1. Walter Locke says:

    Hi, —

    I just got a greeting card from you via your Bowes website. Thanks.
    I love being able to connect to you video world too. What a legacy you
    have left!!

    When will I see you again in the ACMi studio?

    I am now co-organizing an international film festival for Arlington in October.
    I will send you some info in a month or so.

    Thanks again and Happy 2011.

    — Walter

  2. Marylou, I love this site, and the fine work you have accomplished. Its also a great thing to see, that you seem to have every name of everyone who has helped you over the years.
    Thanks for the flower credits and the plug for Scott Flowers. My email has changed , however, and is now
    hope to see you soon.

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